Rail System

A unique Rail System for hanging artworks.

Custom made to your specification.

Hogarth Petworth picture lights at Petworth House

Hogarth's Hanging Rail System


Hogarth has designed the ultimate Hanging Rail System which requires minimum installation.

No builders, plasterers, channelling of walls and more importantly - no mess.

Designed with traditional features and materials to complement any decor.

All of our picture lights can be used on this system. All we need to know is your requirements - the lengths of rail you need and your art work sizes.

If you have a wooden picture rail running around your room, we can supply parts to work with that type of rail too.

Our Rail System at Jesus College, Oxford.

Hogarth ARTRAIL installed in a private residence, United Kingdom.

Drawing shows example installation

Any size of artwork

Amy amount of artworks

Multiple artworks on chains

Our 25mm rail and end fixing

Our 16mm rail and end fixing

Image showing our push button connector for ease of wiring picture lights. Located at rear of picture rail.



Museum Certified All variations of our light are certified as meeting the stringent CIBSE (museum lighting guide) with zero heat and UV output onto the canvas. UK Patent No 0001477.9. US Patent No 09/764818