Classic Picture Light

The Classic Fine Art Picture Light

The Classic picture light can be made to suit any size of art work.

Hogarth Classic picture lights at Hever Castle, Kent


Hogarth’s Classic Picture Light is available in any length and designed to blend in with any setting.

The Classic picture light can illuminate with a great degree of accuracy any size of art work.

Can be attached to the picture frame or wall, emitting zero heat and U.V. makes it totally safe for illuminating fine art. this means a long bulb life which equals low power usage.

Image shows our Classic picture light illuminating paintings within the inner hall of Hever Castle, former home of Anne Boleyn. The Inner Hall was the Great Kitchen in the Tudor period. The Italian walnut panelling and columns were designed in 1905 by the sculptor William Silver Frith as part of William Waldorf Astor’s restoration of Hever Castle.

classic picture light hever castle

The Inner Hall, Hever Castle, Kent

Complements all art works and classical interiors

london in and out club lighting

Our Classic picture light has a very clever shutter system so that no bulbs are seen from the front or side of the picture light, this is totally unique to our picture lights.

The Hogarth L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) produces no U.V. (ultra violet) and no heat and has a bulb life of 100,000 hours, approximately 10 years.

If your fine art is valuable the Hogarth L.E.D. bulb is the only option to eliminate all U.V. and heat onto the canvas.

Image taken from the stairs of the In and Out, Naval and Military club, St.James Square, London. We lit many fine paintings with our classic picture light for this historic London club.

Like our Contemporary picture light, the Classic picture light has patented features enabling the illumination to be adjusted to fit the canvas.

The picture light can also be used with our ‘Invisible Wire’ system, meaning no need to channel walls, simply stick the wire to the wall and decorate over.

The picture light slides into a bracket which can be fitted to the frame or wall. This allows the picture light to be easily removed.

hogarth picture lights lighting some large paintings in the in and out club dining room
in and out club photograph of our picture lights on some canvases
in and out club photograph of our picture lights illuminating fine art

Our challenge at London's famous, In and Out, Naval and Military club was to light full size portraits. Our Classic picture light was up to the task. We supplied twenty five Classic picture lights, each one being handmade for each piece of fine art.


Our picture lights come ready for use from the box and are easy to install.

How to install and hang our picture lights - for more information see Technical Cut Sheets.

The hood is deceptively small, only 5cm (2 inches) wide and 3.5cm (1.5 inches) high. Smaller lights have 1 arm and longer picture lights 2 or more.

Our Classic picture light has all the Hogarth adjustment features.

Height adjustment from the back of the frame - the hood of the picture light has a swivel to help with height of illumination.

Each bulb has its own shutter system to control vertical illumination to stop the light from flooding onto the walls.

classic picture light in profile with measurements


Standard bulb - L.E.D. 2700K 97 CRI


  • Tonal Control
  • Colour Temperature Control
  • Invisible Wire
  • Thin Wire
  • Rechargeable Battery


  • In-line
  • At driver
  • We can fit to any lighting control system, DALI etc


Hood - Aluminium

Other parts brass to suit installation type


Specification Sheet

download picture light specification sheet

Fitting and Installation

These images show the back of painting with picture light fitted.

The attachment bracket is only 2 inches wide by 3/4 inches deep, light and easy to install to the wall or frame - ideal if your fine art is a watercolour with a thin frame.

Our picture lights can have small switches fitted. The on/off cable can be any length and fitted in any position on the back of the frame.

It is easy to operate the light by a finger tip and comes with a pull cord. The close up shows the relative size of the switch.

Hood width can be made from 1 inch to 12 feet long


Below is our standard range of finishes. We can send samples of actual metal finishes on request. We can also match any colour you desire.

classic picture light finishes antique bronze

Model #100 Antique Bronze

classic picture light finishes aged gilt

Model #101 Aged Gilt

classic picture light finishes gold

Model #102 Gold

classic picture light finishes old gold

Model #103 Old Gold

classic picture light finishes chrome

Model #104 Chrome

classic picture light finishes black

Model #105 Black

classic picture light finishes white

Model #106 White


van gogh hogarth picture lights - hidden picture light on bookcase



Museum Certified All variations of our light are certified as meeting the stringent CIBSE (museum lighting guide) with zero heat and UV output onto the canvas. UK Patent No 0001477.9. US Patent No 09/764818