The Plaza Theater, El Paso, Texas

plaza theater el paso texas picture lights by hogarth lighting

At a cost of nearly $38 million to refurbish - The Plaza Theater has 25 Hogarth, L.E.D. Original picture lights with our Invisible Wire System.

plaza theater with hogarth lighting picture lights over oil painting
Plaza Theater Stairs with a painting and our Original light over.
picture light over plaza theater painting usa texas - close up
Close up - note that the painting is illuminated with no overspill of light.
plaza theater hall with hogarth picture light
Hall with painting and our picture light over.


Close up, this shows why Hogarth picture lights are the best. The painting stands out due to the way the illumination can be adjusted to fit each piece of fine art.

One of relatively few remaining theatres of its kind in the country, the Plaza had lost most of its original splendor. Furnishings and artwork had been removed, the facade had been altered, and parts of its once-advanced electrical systems were no longer functional, yet the interior structure appeared as it has for close to seventy years. In 2000, a volunteer steering committee, assembled by the El Paso Community Foundation, began to assess the viability of restoring the Plaza Theatre.

At a cost of nearly $38 million, the Plaza reopened on March 17, 2006. The first performance hosted at the refurbished theatre was Riverdance which played Friday, March 17, 2006 through Sunday, March 19 with multiple sold-out performances. The reopened theatre boasts a 2,050-seat main theater with a 10-story stage house capable of handling large traveling Broadway shows.