michigan state capitol building renovation picture lights by hogarth lighting

The Michigan Capitol Building

Michigan State Capitol Building

Illuminating Michigan's first African-American Representative.

The Capitol, which opened in 1879, is known for its nine acres of hand-painted surfaces. You might see rich-looking trim throughout the building, but it is plain pine and cast iron painted to look like more expensive Tennessee marble and English walnut.

Undergoing a $70 million dollar restoration the inside surfaces painted in many faux techniques, some lost to history...

The artist Joshua Risner is in the process of painting 12 Michigan governers who have no portait. He begun painting them July 13th, 2018.

michigan capitols firstafrican-american representative oil painting
Willam Webb Ferguson, Michigan Capitols first African american Representative.
Hogarth's Classic picture light on this 48 x 40 inch painting.
Joshua Risner below a portrait of Governer Charles Croswell
Joshua Risner below a portrait of Governer Charles Croswel


Hogarth Lighting's Classic picture light was used for this fine art painting which is 48 inches high by 40 inches wide!

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